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SM Liiga betting tips

If you want to make a profit on Liiga betting tips, you have to acquire a lot of information about the league itself. All the statistics, such as average number of goals per game, injury lists or playing style of a particular team should be considered if you are placing your bet on a Liiga match. It is also recommended to gain some extra knowledge by watching as many Liiga games as possible. But if you don’t want to spend hours going through all the statistics, there is a solution for you. Many Liiga tipsters share their Liiga betting tips with others. The best of them analyse every little aspect of the game and know all the details that can affect the match’s result. Basically, they do the hard work for you. You might try to look up these experienced tipsters and combine their knowledge with your set of betting skills. Or, if you are brave enough, you can simply use their betting tips without further analysis, knowing, that your tipster´s destiny is in their hands.

If you want to produce successful Liiga betting tips on a regular basis, you don’t have to know every detail of a match. Obviously the more you know the better, but there are some factors which are more important than others, as they can possibly have a very big impact on a match’s result. You just need to know which are which. We´ve picked some of the most crucial ones that you should definitely take into account.

Main statistical characteristics

There are still less and less goals scored in hockey, that´s a fact, and it´s not any different in Liiga. Compared to the other hockey leagues in Europe, Finish Liiga is one of the last in terms of average goals scored per match.

Average goals per game (2015/2016)

League Highest (team) League average Lowest (team)
Finish Liiga 5,2 4,97 4
KHL 5,6 4,95 4
SHL 5,6 5,36 4,8
ELH 6,1 5,36 4,2
DEL 6,5 5,78 5

If you take a closer look, you can see that there are teams which are involved in more high-scoring games and score more goals, and teams which are less productive.

2014/2015 2015/2016
Team Average goals per game Average goals scored per game Average goals per game Average goals scored per game
IFK Helsinky 5,2 2,95 5,1 3,1
Jyvaskyla 5,2 2,9 4,7 2,6
Hameelina 4,8 2,38 4,7 2,08
Kalpa 3,9 2,23 4,0 2,15

This kind of information is available for example here:

Format of the season

All teams play 60 matches during the regular season and two particular teams play against each other at least 4 games (some even more). That means the teams know each other really well, they have all the information about their opponents, they know their playing style, their weaknesses; basically they know what to expect from them, so they can be prepared for almost everything. This could be the reason why there are so few goals scored in Liiga. If you want to improve your SM Liiga betting tips, be aware of the fact that there are not many unexpected moments during games and winning margins are rarely higher than two goals.

Still the same favourites for the title

There are four teams in the Finnish hockey league which are on a higher level than the rest. We are talking about  Tappara, Helsinki, Jyvaskyla and Karpat. Besides them, there was only one other Liiga champion (Assat) since 2010/2011 season. For example, Tappara has reached four consecutive finals (one title) and Karpat has won two titles in last three seasons (the other time it was bronze medal). These four clubs can somehow manage to play slightly better than the others, especially in the playoffs.  So if you don´t know where to place your bet just look up these four franchises and consider placing your bet on them.

Financial situation

Although ice hockey is the most popular sport in Finland and Finnish Liiga produce large amount of excellent young players every year, some of its top tier teams have financial problems. Even though most of the teams rely heavily on domestic players, there is a constant demand for bigger and bigger salaries  from the players. And when players don´t receive their high salaries, they just don´t do their best. The Espoo Blues, franchise with more than 30 years of history in Finnish hockey, has been the last casualty of such high financial demands. The Blues ended at the very bottom of the table last season and eventually went bankrupt.

Current form of teams

In general, betting is mostly about numbers. But it is not just the final result which is, usually, just a small part of a much bigger story. You have to look deeper. You have to know number of shots, blocked shots, penalty minutes, power play and penalty kill percentage as well as save percentage of goalkeepers. Also take a look at at least ten previous games of the teams you want to bet on, whether they are better in front their home crowd or they can win away from home as well. Next thing you have to identify is which players are in the line-up for the game. Whether key players are in or out, whether these players are in good form and can score some goals. You need information about goalies as well. Whether there is No.1 goalie in the net or just his backup. If you analyse at least these statistics that have huge impact on every game, you will definitely improve your SM Liiga betting tips.

Free SM Liiga betting tips from experienced tipsters

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