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Sweden hockey league betting tips

Placing SHL betting tips is very popular among tipsters, but as always, one needs to know at least basic information about the league, in order to be successful at betting on it. Number of shots, penalties or face-offs percentage, being aware of these statistics can definitely help you to improve your SHL betting tips. However, there are tipsters who go much, much deeper when it comes to analyzing the Sweden hockey league. These tipsters watch a lot of games and focus on their every important detail. They are right on top of the advanced statistics such as number of blocked shots, power play percentage or number of goals scored per period. This is the kind of information they benefit from and which makes their SHL betting tips extremely successful. But what´s even more important for you, some of these tipsters share their tips on various free betting platforms. So the only thing you need to do is to find one and use their “magic” for your own good.

The success rate of your ice hockey betting tips is closely linked to the level of your knowledge of at least the most important factors of a hockey game. You have to identify them and analyze them very thoroughly. Of course, there is always a lot of luck involved in every game, but if you concentrate your efforts on studying the relevant statistics, you can somewhat minimize the influence of luck. Here are some of the most important ones:

Main statistical characteristics

Despite the global trend, we can still see a lot of goals scored in SHL. If you look at the over/under 4.5 goals line, there are many teams involved in high-scoring (“over”) games.

Over/under 4.5 goals (2015/2016)

Team “Over” games “Under” games Average goals per game
Vaxjo 39 13 5,3
HV 71 37 15 5,3
Karlskrona 36 16 5,6
Lulea 30 22 4,9
Orebro 28 24 5,1
Malmo 26 26 5,0

Compared to some other hockey leagues, the number of average goals scored per game is ascending.

League 2014/2015 2015/2016
SHL 5,11 5,36
KHL 5,25 4,95
Liiga 5,0 4,97


This kind of information is available for example here:

Financial situation

Ice-hockey is the most popular sport in Sweden, no doubt about it. But you can watch the SHL on TV even in Finland, Denmark or Norway, which is also one of the reasons, why there is so much money in this league. Most of the SHL teams don´t have to worry about their financial situation, so they can afford to hire top-level players and pay them high salaries. The other example of the league´s prosperity is that the regular season’s winner is awarded a sum of 1,000,000 Swedish kronas, which is approximately 100,000 Euros, and there is another bonus for the play-offs winner in place as well. The comfortable financial situation of the SHL teams suggests that their players are not under pressure regarding their remuneration. Therefore, trying to look for a unique betting opportunity stemming from poor performance of SHL players caused by financial issues is probably not the best betting strategy.

Skelleftea AIK

Although Skelleftea AIK hasn´t won most titles in Sweden Hockey League (Djurgardens IF has won 16 titles), there haven´t been many teams which played much better during the last four seasons. The team from the northern part of Sweden has won the regular season four consecutive times since 2013; they won the 2013 and 2014 playoffs and reached the finals in last two years. So if you are about to bet on the SHL, always look up this franchise, look at its current form, overall standings, offered odds and consider betting on it as the likelihood of its victory is rather high.

Current shape of teams and injury lists

If you want to be successful in SHL betting tips you should be aware of the current form of the teams you bet on. Check at least ten previous matches, head to head statistics and home/away form of the teams. You should then also take a closer look at the form of the individual players, who´s in the lineup and who´s injured, because an injury of the best team scorer or No.1 goalkeeper could have a crucial impact on the result of the match. If you possess at least these statistics, chances to improve your SHL betting tips are significantly higher.

Special teams

Power plays and penalty kills are extremely important in today’s hockey. If a team wants to be on top of the league, it has to have these lines right on the top as well. Sometimes it´s just one power play which can determine the final result of a game. That means, if a team with superb special teams plays against a team with a lower quality of special teams, it´s mainly the first one you should bet on. So if you want to make profit on SHL betting tips you have to take a closer look at these statistics, because they are really important and could mean the difference between making profit or loss.

Free SHL betting tips from experienced tipsters

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