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Regular monthly tipster competitions for prizes

By on 18. September 2016

Free tipster competitions are a perfect way how to enjoy betting without having fear of losing your own money. There are plenty of websites offering various tipster competitions which are freely accessible. A lot of providers of these competitions even offer prizes for their best tipsters. One of the best providers is platform which organises free tipster competitions on regular basis. The rules and conditions for participants are very clear and transparent:

  • You must be over 18,
  • You are allowed to have only one account at,
  • You have to fill in your home country to your profile.

There are basically two types of competitions at

  1. Regular monthly free tipster competitions – in these competitions you can bet on current matches from various sports (football, hockey, tennis and basketball is supported), various leagues and tournaments. The matches have real odds like at real bookie and tipsters should achieve the highest possible LSP (levered stake profit). Every bet and result counts to the overal tipster statistics. The main aim of each tipster should be the longterm perfomance in each particular sport. Tipsters are also awarded virtual and finantial prizes for their success and overall activity.
  • Thematic tipster competitions – these betting competitions (often called office pools) contain only matches of specific tournament or league (for example football or hockey world championships, tennis grandslams and so on). Playing rules of these tipster competitions are the same as by regular tipster competitions, the only difference is that the results from these competitions do not count to overall statistics of tipsters. You can play these tipster competitions within various groups of players as you can join tournaments organized directly by or tournaments created by your friends or colleagues. Every registered user can prepare a surprise for friends or colleagues by creating a personal office pool. The creation of personal office pool (tipster competition) is really simple and takes up to one minute. The whole management around tipster competition (matches offer, odds, collection of tips from players, evaluation of results and statistics of players) is carried out by the platform.

As you can see using platform is a very convinient way how to enjoy risk free betting. If you have ever though about joining such competition you should definitely give a chance to

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