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Premier League betting tips from best footbal tipsters

If you want to be a successful Premier league tipster, you need to know a lot of information about this league. There are more options how to obtain this information, you can for instance gather and analyse the league’s statistics, watch and analyse all the matches, study the key players’ form, coaches’ strategy, etc. Or, on the other hand, you can take a shortcut and pay for professional Premier League betting tips, find free Premier League betting tips or simply seek an advice of an experienced tipsters. But don´t forget! In the end, you have everything in your hands and the ultimate decision to place a bet is yours. Therefore, we are going to give you some pieces of advice on how to become a successful Premier League tipsters, so that you are more comfortable with your decisions and placed bets.

Gathering and analysing Premier league data

There are many factors which influence match results and if you want to be a successful Premier league tipster, you have to take into consideration at least the most important ones:


1. Main statistical characteristics of the Premier League

What does it mean the „Main statistical characteristics of the Premier League“? We would mention four main parameters, you should be aware of:

  • Home wins
  • Draws
  • Away wins
  • Goals per match

You should know these parameters for the last Premier League season at least, but knowing them for even more seasons is a big advantage. Knowing this kind of information will help you understand playing styles and differences among particular football leagues. You can find general Premier League stats for example here.


2.     Team characteristics and current form


  • Playing style and current form of teams. You should distinguish between playing style of teams. Playing style is determined by many factors. For example ball possession, number of scored/conceded goals, shots, passes tackles and so on. Of course, current form is also very important. Being aware of the current form of teams you are placing your bet on can improve the quality of your bets significantly. You can find this information for example here.
  • Quality of goalkeepers and their current form. If you want to know Premier League in depth, you should also study the current form of goalkeepers in this league. If a team has a good quality goalkeeper, it´s very likely that it doesn´t concede a lot of goals.
  • Injuries and absences of important players. Every team in Premier League has some important players who are able to help their team to win the match. If you want find good Premier League betting tips, you need to know these players and you should have a very deep overview about these players.
  • Derby matches are very popular all over the world, especially in England. Teams are very motivated in these matches and it´s difficult to bet on this kind of matches (for example Arsenal vs. Tottenham/Chelsea or Manchester United vs. Manchester City/Liverpool) Be careful with placing bets on them!
  • Current phase of season is another important factor influencing Premier League. It´s difficult to bet on the first matches in season because there are many new players in each team. On the other side, teams are very motivated at the end of the season because they fight for the Champions League, European League or they fight for their final place in Premier League.

3.     Premier league schedule

If you want to find the best free Premier League betting tips, you should also consider the specific Premier League matches’ schedule. Be aware that especially the big Premier League clubs usually play in several competitions at the same time. Besides Premier League, they can play in the Champions League/European League, FA Cup or EFL Cup. Players of these teams can be exhausted from this intensive schedule, on the other side it´s true that England teams have a lot of high quality players for each post, so managers can rotate squads of their teams. You need to evaluate this factor individually for each club as the impact of the intensive schedule on team’s performance will vary from team to team.


Get free Premier League betting tips from experienced tipsters

Here, at, the published free Premier League betting tips are based on consent of the best tipsters who are active on tipster platform. We have developed our own algorithm for generation of free daily Premier League betting tips. According to this algorithm, more importance is given to tips of tipsters with perfect betting performance, less importance to average tipsters and no significance to tipsters whose track record is not sufficient enough, or who are only “rookies” at platform. The results of this algorithm are transformed into our “voice of tipster crowd” and are published at our site as free Premier League betting tips and predictions. As becomes more popular, more and more high quality tipsters are involved in predicting outcomes of matches, which logically results in more accurate Premier League betting tips and predictions. However, this approach might not fit to every tipster. If you are interested in following specific hockey tipsters, please take the following steps.

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