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Free KHL betting tips will help you to become successful KHL tipster

If you want to bet on KHL successfully, you have to gain deep knowledge of the league, which practically means you have to study statistics, watch as many games as possible and collect and analyze all kind of necessary information about teams. There is also other, less time-consuming way to successful betting, but you must have the courage to rely on betting advice from experienced tipsters. Nevertheless, where to find them and are there tipsters who are willing to share their knowledge even free of charge? In general, the best KHL betting tips are available at independent tipster platforms, which are tracking the performance of tipsters. Thanks to these platforms you gain more confidence when putting your tipster’s destiny into other’s hands.

If we should come up with some sort of functional “secret betting formula” we would definitely recommend to combine those two above mentioned approaches:

  • to have at least average awareness of KHL league and teams and
  • to follow high quality paid or free KHL betting tips from the best KHL tipsters in addition to your own knowledge.

Let’s have a closer look how to do it.

Gathering and analyzing KHL league data

There are plenty of factors which are influencing outcomes of matches – besides factors which are more less predictable, in each game there is always a lot of luck involved. But let’s forget about luck and focus on facts which we want to emphasise. If you want to beat bookies and produce high quality KHL betting tips, you have to take into consideration these important factors:


1. Main statistical characteristics of the KHL league

KHL is with its goal average below 5 goals per game (based on the last season’s stats)in comparison to other hockey leagues relatively low scoring league, the most common goal „line“ at bookies in over/under goals market is the line of 4,5 goals.

Main Season2014/20152015/2016
Home team wins37445%35943%
Away team wins29235%28033%
Goals scored44095,2541564,95
Home goals23332,7821892,61
Away goals20762,4719672,34

There are of course teams which score or concede more goals and teams which, in contrary, tend to achieve results with less goals.

Scoring potentialAverage goals / match% of matches over 4,5 goalsAverage goals / match% of matches over 4,5 goals
Barys Astana5,365,00%5,671,67%
Salavat Ufa5,460,00%5,461,67%
Lokomotiv Yaroslav4,755,00%433,33%
CSKA Moscow4,946,67%438,33%
Lada Togliati4,646,67%4,345,00%

When placing bet at goal market, handicap market or even home/draw/away market, you should know if the game is likely to be a game with a low or a high number of goals. If you like betting on draws, the possibility that a game will end with a draw will increase when teams of similar quality are playing against each other and when only a low number of goals is expected in that game.

This kind of information is available for example here:


2. Specifics of the KHL league

  • Program of matches – in the KHL, 29 teams from 8 different countries compete against each other. The countries are Belarus (1 team), Croatia (1), Finland (1), Kazakhstan (1), Latvia (1), Slovakia (1), China (1) and Russia (22). Some of the away trips are really difficult to handle since the away destinations might be more than 10000 km far. When betting, always be aware of team schedule, especially when betting on matches played during long and far away trips.
  • Quality of referees – although KHL tries to have the image of a high quality league comparable to the National hockey league, the league in several aspects does not reach the NHL level. One of these aspects are referees and their performance in important matches. If, for example, a leading Russian team like CSKA Moscow is playing outside of Russia, you can probably await a little help for CSKA from Russian referees as well.

3. Team’s characteristics and current shape

  • Playing style and current shape of teams is one of the most important factors for betting. We recommend you to check at least ten previous matches of the teams playing in the game you want to bet on. Do not consider only results though, results can mislead you about team performance. Look deeper into stats summary, look at number of shots, shooting and power play effectiveness and other important indicators of overall team quality. You can find this information at official KHL site or here.
  • If you want to produce accurate KHL betting tips, do not forget to look closer at goalkeepers’ shape and injuries of important players as well. A goalkeeper has at least 50% share on the team‘s success and there might be also other important players whose performance and contribution for teams is simply irreplaceable. For example, imagine the impact of Mozyakin’s or Radulov’s absence on their team performance.
  • Head to head stats can sometimes reveal very interesting information. There are teams that can achieve better/worse results against specific teams. For example, some teams might have difficulties when they should play against defence-oriented teams, but are more successful if they can focus on defence against their stronger opponents.
  • In the previous KHL seasons, there were numerous issues regarding financial stability of particular teams. Motivation of players who do not receive their salary is always a big issue to consider. KHL is for all teams a very costly league to play, but its financial attractiveness for the sponsors remains questionable. Therefore, we can for sure expect some of the KHL participants to be in a difficult financial situation in the future.
  • Current phase of the season and importance of the match – be careful with betting on matches when the main season is close to its end and some teams have already secured their place in playoffs.

Free KHL betting tips from experienced tipsters

Here, at, the published free KHL betting tips are based on consent of the best tipsters who are active on tipster platform. We have developed our own algorithm for generation of free daily KHL betting tips. According to this algorithm, more importance is given to tips of tipsters with perfect betting performance, less importance to average tipsters and no significance to tipsters whose track record is not sufficient enough, or who are only “rookies” at platform. The results of this algorithm are transformed into our “voice of tipster crowd” and are published at our site as free KHL betting tips and predictions. As becomes more popular, more and more high quality tipsters are involved in predicting outcomes of matches, which logically results in more accurate khl betting tips and predictions. However, this approach might not fit to every tipster. If you are interested in following specific hockey tipsters, please take the following steps.

How to get more value from free KHL betting tips at independent tipster platform

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  3. Follow free KHL betting tips and predictions which are published at your wall always 6 hours before the start of any particular match
  4. Place a real bet only when at least 2 experienced tipster agree on the tip – according to our analysis this kind of „signal“ leads to more accurate results,
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