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Free tennis betting tips will help you to become successful tennis tipster

Are you considering to start betting on tennis? Well, since tennis is an individual sport with lots of factors influencing the overall outcome, betting on it requires a deep knowledge of players if you want to avoid losing money. If you don’t possess such knowledge and have no time to gain it, you should either forget about betting on tennis, or, you should find a reliable source of free tennis betting tips. In this article, we will take a look at factors that tennis tipsters must take into account when creating betting analysis which is necessary for producing high quality and reliable tennis betting tips. On top of that, we will also share with you our thoughts on how to connect to successful tennis tipsters.

Which factors do I have to consider when making tennis betting tips and predictions?

1. Overall performance and current form

Current form is a factor which majority of tipsters automatically consider during their pre-match analysis. When evaluating players’ current form, you should not only consider the win-loss ratio, but look at quality of the previous opponents as well. To beat a Top 10 player is much harderthan beating a player who is around the 100th place in ranking. There are also players on the tour who have very unbalanced performance. On a good day, they can beat a TOP 10 player, on a bad day, they can loose with a qualification lucky looser who is standing hundreds of places below them in the world tennis ranking. Study statistics carefully and be aware of such players.

2. Surface

A lot of players on the tour are not universal players and are not able to play equally well on all surfaces. Experienced tennis tipsters know that there are clay specialists on the tour, especially from Latin Amerika or Spain, and then there are players who are performing much better on grass or hard surfaces. The preference of a specific surface is very closely related to playing style of a particular player.

3. Playing style

If you want to generate accurate tennis betting tips, one important thing you should always consider is playing style of a player. Let’s look at the most common playing styles:

  • Aggressive baseliners (all-surface players) – this style can be used on every type of surface, as it is very flexible. Players playing this style exactly know when to play a winner, but they also know how to defend properly and when it may be better to hold back. (Examples from men’s players: Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Stanislas Wawrinka; from women’s players: Serena Wiliams, Maria Sharapova, Petra Kvitova)
  • Defensive baseliners – Defensive baseliners are very patient players whose  strategy is to return every ball and wait for the opponent’s fault. These players must be mentally and physically strong enough to handle a lot of rallies. Their rivals often get frustrated by their persistence and try to play risky winners which leads to more unforced errors. (Examplex from men’s players: Andy Murray, David Ferrer; from women’s players Agnieszka Radwanska, Caroline Wozniacka)
  • Serve-volley players – players with this style attempt to come to the net right after their serve in order to finish the point quickly. This style used to be more popular in the past, its popularity is nowadays declining due to slower surfaces in comparison to surfaces which were used in the past. This style is very effective when playing against defensive baseliners. (Examples from men’s players: Radek Stepanek, in the past Pete Sampras and from women’s players for example Martina Navratilova)

Picture: Wimbledon 2014, Lisicki – Shvedova 


4. Injuries and health problems, overall fitness

Sometimes, tennis players are not fit enough to give their 100% performance, but instead of taking time to recover, they play at least the first Grand slam round. As tennis is an individual sport, for successful betting it is inevitable to have this kind of information too.

Players often have to play long and tiring matches in very tough conditions. Therefore it is obvious that the fitness element often decides the final outcome of a match as well. When considering a match’s winner you should also ask yourself if your chosen favourite player is actually able to handle the fourth or fifth set of a grand slam match.

5. Motivation of players

Nobody likes to loose, especially tennis players don’t, but there are matches which are considered just a part of preparation for bigger tournaments. When it comes to placing bets on matches in lower ranked tournaments (challengers), you should know if the participating players are only testing their own performance before a bigger tournament, or if they are ready to give everything for the win. Some players really do not take the smaller tournaments too seriously, while many average players see those tournaments as a real chance for a breakthrough.

 6. Phase of season

When producing tennis betting tips and predictions, be aware of the beginning and the end of each tennis season. These phases of season are often full of surprising results. At the beginning of season, there can be players who are not in shape due to missing confrontation while at the end of season, it is always a question of physical and mental endurance of each player.

7. Level of odds

Everybody knows Novak Djokovic or Serena Williams are going for the win in each match. The question is. if the offered odds are worth taking the risk. Do not undertake the risk if the potential profit is too little (due to very low odds at level 1,05). Find another betting opportunity worth the risk – for example at the handicap market.

What is the best way to connect to experienced tennis tipsters and use their free tennis betting tips?

If you want to follow proven tennis tipsters, you should start searching for them at independent tipster platforms. These platforms are constantly verifying betting performance of their tipsters. This is also the main goal of tipster platform which enables to connect to successful tennis bettors who are willing to share their free tennis betting tips with other players.

Here, at, the published free tennis betting tips are based on consent of the best tennis tipsters who are active on tipster platform. We have developed our own algorithm for generation of free daily tennis betting tips. According to this algorithm, more importance is given to tips of tipsters with perfect betting performance, less importance to average tipsters and no significance to tipsters whose track record is not sufficient enough, or who are only “rookies” at platform. The results of this algorithm are transformed into our “voice of tipster crowd” and are published at our site as free tennis betting tips and predictions. As becomes more popular, more and more high quality tipsters are involved in predicting outcomes of matches, which logically results in more accurate tennis betting tips and predictions. However, this approach might not fit to every tipster. If you are interested in following specific tennis tipsters, please take the following steps.

How to get more value from free tennis betting tips at independent tipster platform

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What kind of free tennis betting tips can you find at our site?

We offer to tipsters predictions on matches from the most important men and women tennis tournaments. Specifically, we publish free tennis betting tips on matches of all major tournaments (excluding qualifications) with prize money over 1 mil USD. On a yearly basis, this means thousands of matches in more than 30 tournaments on the main circuits of ATP and WTA.

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