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Placing accurate NHL betting tips on a regular basis is by many tipsters out there considered one of the toughest challenges. Even if you acquire plenty of knowledge of the league, there still is a lot of uncertainty and even mystery surrounding it. It almost seems like there are just a few chosen tipsters who can provide really successful NHL betting tips. If you don´t belong to this particular group but you still want to be a prosperous NHL tipster, there is a solution for you. Quite a lot of the most experienced tipsters share their NHL betting tips on various betting platforms; some of them even do it for free. Actually, for some tipsters it´s their full-time job, which means that they analyse all the played matches and try to gather all the necessary and relevant information about the league, teams and players. This activity is reflected in a much better accuracy of their NHL betting tips, so if your time and betting skills are limited, you should try to use their betting advice.  You can combine it with your own opinion and feeling, and create a complex but most importantly successful betting style.

When it comes to NHL, besides luck, there are many other factors which can easily influence a match in the league at any time. Some of these factors are more important than others, but when you combine them all, they can make a huge difference to the match’s result. If you pay sufficient attention to these factors and count with them when placing your bets, you are definitely one step ahead of the bookies. So let’s have a look at some of the most influential factors you should take into consideration when betting on NHL.

Main characteristics of the NHL from a tipster point of view

The length of the NHL season

The length of the NHL season is breath-taking. If you include preseason games and the playoffs, the whole season lasts from September to June. It´s the longest professional hockey season and it also belongs to one of the longest in collective sports. If you add the physical intensity to it, you´ve got one of the toughest sport´s league in the world.

League Sport Length of the season
NHL Ice hockey September to June
ATP Tennis January to November
NBA Basketball October to June
KHL Ice hockey September to April
PGA Tour Golf The whole year


Some franchises may have a slow start of the season, but 82 matches in a season give them enough time to improve their performances. On the other hand, it can work the other way around as well. For example, the Montreal Canadiens won its first nine games of the last season, but after the injury of Carey Price at the end of November, they went down to 3-11-0 in December and eventually couldn´t make the playoffs. You should be aware of the fact that there are very few teams which can bring on their A-game on a constant basis. Mostly it´s just combination of ups and downs.

Back-to-back games

Back-to-back game means that one team plays two games in two days. At first glance it doesn´t seem that bad, players are well trained and they have a lot of trainers and therapists around them all the time. That´s all true and maybe it wouldn´t be that “difficult” if it would happen 5-7 times per season. However, the season´s fewest back-to-back sets are 10 (Dallas and Edmonton). League-high is even 19 (Columbus and Buffalo). That´s quite a lot of games without almost any rest. Imagine you have an excellent No. 1 goalie, but his backup doesn’t reach the same quality level. Under this setup, you can pretty much forget about the playoffs. At least, that´s what analytics say. Even though the difference between “rested” and “tired” goalie is not that enormous, the “rested” goalies have clearly achieved better numbers in the recent seasons. Take this information into consideration and improve your NHL betting tips.


If you want to win the Stanley Cup, you must have two excellent goalies in your team. In case of one´s injury you can rely on the other one. Look at Pittsburgh’s last season. Marc-Andre Fleury suffered an injury on April, rookie Matt Murray took his place and Pittsburgh won the Stanley Cup. It´s as simple as that. Team with such a duo is in most cases a better choice to place your bet on. The other example could be Calgary Flames. They had very productive offense last season (231 goals), but their goalies (Ramo and Hiller, both of them have already left the Flames) were terrible (League-high 261 conceded goals), which was the main reason why Calgary failed to qualify for the playoffs.

Injuries and form

Don´t forget to look up the latest injury list and form of the key players. Injury of Montreal´s goalie Carey Price last season had a huge impact on the performances of the whole team. On the other hand, the injury of Steven Stamkos wasn´t as crucial for Tampa Bay as many people had expected. Therefore, be careful on which team you place your bet, because some teams are mentally stronger and can play certain time even without their best players, whereas some teams just can’t. Form of the key players is also very important. For example, last season´s Art Ross and Hart trophy winner Patrick Kane had been brilliant during the entire season and pushed Blackhawks into playoffs. This season is full of excellent rookies who will have a big impact on their team’s results and whose performances could easily be a game changer in many cases.


Everyone knows that the Stanley Cup playoffs are very different from the regular season games, although there are some games which remind fans a lot of the playoffs atmosphere. Games between Bruins and Canadiens clearly belong to such games. A lot of people think that their rivalry is actually one the greatest rivalries in sports as such. Even if both sides have long injury lists or they´re on losing streaks, there´s still plenty to look at during their clashes. Everyone takes it personally, players are shouting at each other, there is a lot of tension on the ice and fans take it very seriously as well. But such rivalry can also be witnessed between other franchises, for example between Islanders and Rangers, Senators and Maple Leafs or Blackhawks and Blues, to mention just a few. If you want your NHL betting tips to be successful, you should be very careful with those kinds of matches because they significantly differ from the regular season games.

Get free NHL betting tips from experienced tipsters

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