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Czech ELH hockey betting tips

Betting on the top Czech hockey league – the ELH is very popular among tipsters. A lot of tipsters are looking for reliable ELH betting tips on the internet because they just don´t want to spend hours analyzing all the necessary information. There are some betting platforms which serve as a good source of inspiration. Some of the most experienced tipsters share their ELH betting tips on these sites even for free, so you can use their advice for your own good without having to pay for it. On the other hand, even if you want to place bets on the EHL this way, you should have at least basic awareness of the league. Subsequently, when you combine your own set of knowledge with advice from more experienced tipsters, you can create a very successful betting style.

Basic awareness means that you will still have to gain a lot of information about the league, but you by far don´t need to know everything. The most important skill you have to master is to recognize which statistics are relevant and which have the biggest influence on a game. So let´s take a closer look at the key factors you have to take into consideration.

Main statistical characteristics

Although the ELH teams are almost equally competitive, there is still quite a lot of goals scored in this league. In comparison to other European hockey leagues, the average goals scored per game in ELH is slightly higher.

Average goals per game (2015/2016)

League Highest (team) League average Lowest (team)
Czech ELH 6,1 5,36 4,2
Finish Liiga 5,2 4,97 4
KHL 5,6 4,95 4
SHL 5,6 5,36 4,8
DEL 6,5 5,78 5

There are teams, such as Sparta Prague, which are way above average and, of course, few teams below it.

2015/2016 2014/2015
Team Average goals per game Matches over 4,5 goals Average goals per game Matches over 4,5 goals
Sparta Prague 6,1 73% 6,3 69%
Plzeň 5,7 61% 5,1 55%
Trinec 4,5 42% 5,6 63%
Olomouc 4,2 40% 5,4 62%

This kind of information is available for example here:

Strong competition between teams

Since 2006/2007 season there have been as many as 9 different champions in the ELH. Pardubice is the only franchise, which has won two titles during that span. This means the competition is really tough. Almost all the teams are equally good. So if you are looking for the favorite for overall victory, it´s almost impossible to find one, because pretty much every team has a good chance to win the title. There is a considerable difference between regular season and playoff as well. It happened only twice in the last ten seasons that the overall winner won both regular season and playoffs. So be careful when placing a bet on the ELH, because there are no clear favorites.

Fitness of key players

If you want your ELH betting tips to be successful, you should pay attention to fitness of key players of teams you want to bet on. Injury of the best scorer can be crucial for any team and such can be also the loss of the No.1 goalie. Some teams manage to play well even without some of their key players, but most of them just don´t. To be a successful ELH bettor, you need to look up injury lists to help you to decide which side is probably a better choice. Don´t forget to take a closer look at a current form of key players as well. Look at the point or goal-scoring streaks, whether a player scores more goals against a particular team or whether a goalie is on a losing or a winning streak. All these information will certainly help you to improve your ELH betting tips.

Shape of teams

Final result of a game is just one small piece of the story. You also need to take many other statistics into consideration. Check at least five previous matches of the teams you want to bet on. Look at their head to head statistics, because some teams play better against specific opponents or, on the contrary, have opponents which they don´t like to play against. Other important statistics you should look at are number of shots, blocked shots, number of penalties and saves percentage of goalies. In modern hockey, there is a still rising importance of special teams. Special teams are represented by power play and penalty killing units. These lines could be a crucial factor in any game. One power play or penalty kill, respectively, can decide the final outcome of the match. When betting, you definitely have to be aware of all the above-mentioned statistics.

Phase of the season

Every team wants to secure the playoff spot as early as possible within the regular season. If a team qualifies for playoffs well ahead the end of the regular season, it is really hard to predict results of its further regular season matches. Coaches could either let rest their best players before the playoffs or they can try to choose the weakest playoffs´ opponents and rather play in full strength. Participation of some of the EHL teams in the Champions Hockey League is another important factor. Yearly, six ELH teams take part in this league. Some of them are more focused on it than on the ELH itself, because of the prize money. When placing a bet at the ELH, always look at the teams’ schedule, because one match could be considered more important than the other by the teams.

Free ELH hockey betting tips from experienced tipsters

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